About Us

At Auntie Jennie’s Barkery, we abide by creating everything from scratch which keeps the treats healthy and fresh for your dogs!  We also make sure to adhere to our core value of providing creative dog treats.  Our mission is to provide your pets with the healthiest, while also being the tastiest treats.  You can feel good about giving our treats to your dog every day.  We bake all our treats fresh daily and by hand.

We make sure our treats last and stay fresh.  At Auntie Jennie’s Barkery we have a way to bake our treats to help them stay fresh longer, without the use of preservatives.  We package our treats in “stay fresh” bags, providing you with everything you need to make sure the treats stay fresh longer and are enjoyable for your dogs.

When I started Auntie Jennie’s, it was to make healthy treats for my niece and nephew dogs for Christmas. As I have grown, I am so very proud that I can provide healthy dog treats to your dog as well!! Bentley, our taste tester, can tell you that these treats are the best out there!!
– Owner, Jennifer Schwingle